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Welcome to the Library Subject Guide for Education



Key Education Databases

2nd/3rd year and post-graduates use the databases listed below to do a comprehensive search of the Education literature (login to myUniHub if you have not already done so).

The databases below cover other subject areas that you may find useful (including education journals)

Tips for searching:

Use keywords for your search, two or three words to get started.

Use synonyms, for example for education, use teaching, schooling, or pedagogy.

Too few results; use more keywords to broaden your search.

Too many results; use fewer keywords to narrow your search.

Spelling, UK or USA - labour/labor, centre/center, organisation/organization. 

These databases can usually be searched by subject and name and more specifically by type of material, article title, publisher, year, language or organisation. A successful search will provide you with a list of references to relevant material (articles/papers).

Many of the databases provide an abstract (summary) of the article's content, which gives an indication of its usefulness and relevance. This is in addition to bibliographic details such as author, article title, journal title, issue/volume number and date.

Education Research Complete

Clearing your Browser Cache

Finding Resources

Use Library Search to find articles, books, reports, DVDs, CDs, and more.  Highly recommended for 1st year students.

Education books start at 370, and ends 379 on the second floor.  Early childhood studies is also located, (305.23) on the second floor.

Use Cite them right for Harvard referencing. Here is a link to a 'sample text and reference list using the Harvard style'. 'Cite them right' is also available as a textbook.

Use your online reading list.

Use the key databases. Highly recommended for 2nd, 3rd, postgraduate students, and researchers.

If Middlesex does not have an item; do an Inter-library Loan, which is now free. Recommended for 3rd years, postgraduates, and researchers.  Request Form

Want to watch a video! Have a look at Box of Broadcast, 'an on demand TV and Radio service'.  Plus we have Kanopy a film and documentary service.

To access electronic resources (e-books, e-journals, databases etc) you need to sign into myUniHub.

myUniHub > Mystudy > MyLibrary > My Subject.

Disability and Health Support

Support for Students with a disability or a health conditions

Information and advice for students needing extra support.

Academic Writing and Numeracy - Online Help

Need help with academic writing!

Get help with written assignments or oral presentations, as well as how to use information effectively, and ethically in your work.

Teaching Resource Collection

The Teaching Resource Collection at the Sheppard Library, which is located on the second floor, room S218, contains a wealth of resources for you to use in your teaching practice. There are five main sections: fiction, non-fiction, dual-language books, poetry, and DVDs.  The fiction is arranged in KEY STAGES; foundation stage, and KS1 to KS5.

This type of material is identified with a green label prefixed with a 'JF' or a 'T',  e.g. JF KS2 MAS.  (KS2 means Key Stage 2), and T420 DEV for a text book.

Have a look at the pdf below to see what is available in the TR Collection.

Students studying for a PGCE, or a BA in Primary Education can borrow up to 50 teaching resource items.