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Interior Architecture and Interior Design: Samples


Samples from the Materials Room


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Materials Room

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Introducing the Samples Collection

This is a collection of several thousands of product samples from manufacturers, focusing on new and exciting materials for buildings and interiors. Samples range from floor tiles, glass, wood, plastics to fabrics and paint swatches.  Brilliant for interior architecture but also offering ideas for textures, surfaces and materials for all designers. Most samples in the collection can be borrowed for a period of two weeks or more from the Materials Room.

The Materials Room is located in the Basement of the Sheppard Library. It is open 11am - 4pm  Monday to Friday during term-time, when help is available. If you are unable to visit the room between these hours it may be possible to book an appointment by contacting:- or

Samples Collection

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Using the Materials Room

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More Samples

An image of samples from the Materials Room