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Interior Architecture and Interior Design: Finding Books

Finding Books

This page will help you find books on Interior architecture, applied arts and design in the library. The table on the left provides a guide to key shelf numbers for applied arts and design in the library, although there may be other areas where you may find useful material.  Please don't hesitate to ask at the StudyHub in the library should you need help in finding books or using Library Search.

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A selection of architecture books

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Finding Interior Architecture Books

690 Building construction and engineering
691 Building materials/components
692.2 Building detail
693 Types of construction
694 Wood construction
696 Building utilities
697 Heating, ventilation, air conditioning engineering

711 Area planning (town planning)
712 Landscape design/garden history
714 Water features
719 Natural landscapes

720 Architecture
720.1 Philosophy and theory (architecture)
720.212 Architect's data
720.222 Architectural illustration
720.284 Architectural drawing
720.2840285 Digital architecture
720.285 Computers in architecture
720.47 Green architecture
720.68 Architectural management/Professional practice
720.87 Architecture for people with disabilities
720.9 History of architecture
720.941 British architects
720.942 English architecture
720.9421 London architecture
720.943 German architects
720.944 French architects
720.945 Italian architects
720.946 Spanish architects
720.947 Russian architects
720.948 Scandinavian architects
720.952 Japanese architects
720.973 North American architects
721 Architectural structure
721.0228 Architectural models
721.0285 Virtual architecture
721.04 Building with different types of materials
721.04496 Architectural construction in glass
721.5 Building canopies/shalls
721.6 Floors
721.7 Ceilings
721.823 Windows
721.832 Stairs
722 Architecture from earliest times to c300
723 Architecture from c300-1399
724 Architecture from 1400
724.6 Modern architecture
725 Public structures/buildings
725.1 Government buildings
725.2 Commercial and communications buildings
725.3 Transportation buildings
725.4 Industrial buildings
725.5 Welfare and health buildings
725.6 Prison architecture
725.71 Restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars
725.8 Recreation buildings including theatres, cinemas, sports facilities etc
725.98 Bridges
726 Religious buildings
727 Buildings for educational and research purposes
727.6 Museum buildings
727.7 Art museum and gallery buildings
727.8 Library buildings
728 Residential buildings
728.3 Conventional housing
728.5 Hotels
729 Design and decoration of structures
729.19 Signage/lettering on buildings
729.28 Lighting
729.29 Acoustics


747 Interior design
747.2 Interior design by historic period
747.3 Ceilings, walls, doors and windows
747.4 Floors
747.7 Decoration of specific rooms
747.78 Bathrooms
747.797 Kitchens
747.8 Decoration of specific types of buildings
747.8521 Shop interiors
747.8523 Office interiors
747.8571 Restaurant interiors
747.92 Decorative/interior lighting
747.94 Colour in interiors

749 Furniture and accessories
749.2 Furniture by historic period and country
749.2049 Twentieth century furniture design
749.22 English furniture
749.3 Specific kinds of furniture
749.32 Chairs
749.6 Heating and lighting fixtures and furniture




Finding Applied Arts & Design Books

608 Inventions and patents
609 History of technology
621 Machines
658.827 Brands
666 Glass and ceramic technology
668 Plastics
669 Metallurgy
670 Manufacturing
671 Metalwork
674 Wood
677 Textiles
680 Craftsmanship
682 Blacksmithing
684.08 Woodworking
685 Leatherworking
686 Printing
686.22 Typography
686.302 Book binding
687 Manufacture of clothing
688 Packaging
720 Architecture
736.982 Origami
738 Ceramic arts
739 Art metalwork/Jewellery
739.3 Clocks and watches
739.4 Ironwork
739.7 Armour
741.6 Graphic design
745 Decorative arts
745.2 Industrial art and design
745.4 Applied design & decoration
745.44 History of design
745.5 Handicrafts
746 Textile Arts
747 Interior design
748 Glass
749 Furniture and accessories

770 Photography techniques


Books on Materials in Architecture can be found at several places in the Sheppard Library

 620.11      Materials : Technological innovations

691/693     Building Materials

720.28       Building Materials in Architecture

720.47       Sustainable Materials

720.472     Architectural Materials/Surfaces

721.044     Architectural Materials

721.0449   Smart Materials

729            Interior Surfaces

eTextbooks: KORTEXT

Drawng for Interior Design by Drew Plunkett

We provide one free personal eTextbook for each module you study. Each eTextbook provided by the scheme is based on a recommendation made by your lecturers, or the main book identified on your reading lists. No need to worry about buying the book or library loans: the books are free and yours to keep.

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In a few cases, where we are unable to provide an eTextbook we have provided a print copy of the book available for you to keep. Check your emails for information about this, you will be asked to supply your home address to receive the book. If you have any problems with this: