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Fashion and Textiles: Illustrations and Captions

Using Illustrations

In most visual culture assignments, you will be expected to include illustrations.

To do this you need to remember four things:

  1. Caption: Below each image include a numbered caption, giving details of the image and a citation of where it's come from
  2. List of illustrations: At the start of the essay include a list of all the images you have used in your text.
  3. Reference list: As part of your reference list, give full details of all the sources of the images you have used.
  4. Refer to the image in your essay: In your essay, tell the reader when to look at an illustration you have included.

1. The Caption


Name of artist, Title of artwork, date. [medium and size (if known)] Collection where the work is held, details of secondary authors such as photographers where available (Source, author, year, page number).

Fig1: Phillip Lim, Dress, 2007 [synthetic, machine stitched] V&A.

2. List of Illustrations

Fig. 1: Phillip Lim, Dress, 2007. [Synthetic fabric, machine stitched] V & A...........................Page 2

Fig. 2: Richard Rogers, Lloyds Building, 1 Lime St., London, 1986. Photographed by Welch, A. (‘Lloyds of London Building’, 2008) .........Page 4

Fig 3: Alvar Aalto, Model No. 41 Paimo chair, 1931-2 (Coles, 2005), p.51.........................Page 5

4. Refer to the Image in your Essay

For example:

An examination of Lim's dress (see fig.1) shows exaggerated motifs...

3. Reference List

Coles, A. (2005) Designart . London: Tate Publishing.

Lim, P. (2007) Dress. V & A. Available at: (Accessed 20 August 2018)

Welch, A.(2008) Lloyds Building. Available at: (Accessed 13 November 2019).