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Business: Support Materials: What is Kortext?

About Kortext

Kortext is an online platform that provides you with eTextbooks for your core texts.

Look out for emails from Kortext! These emails will activate your eTextbooks and enable you to set up your own personal Kortext account.

Accessing Kortext through My Learning

Note: We recommend that you first activate your Kortext through the emails sent to your student email before accessing them on My Learning.

1. Log into myUniHub using your username and password.

2. Click on My Study and go to the My Learning box.

3. Click on a module title and then click on the module title you want to read the Kortext for.

5. On the My Learning module page, scroll down. In the right-hand column, you will see the Kortext link.

If you haven't received emails giving you access to your Kortext, or if your Kortext doesn't appear on your My Learning module pages, please contact:

For enquiries regarding accessibility and support, check out this guide.

Downloading the Kortext app

These digital textbooks can be read offline using the Kortext app, digitally annotated, and read aloud, so you can read important sections for your studies and go back to your notes whenever you want!

To read your book offline, you need to download the Kortext app onto your computer or portable device.


The icon for Microsoft Office         Windows 10

Portable devices

The icon for Google Play           Android device

The icon for Apple IOS           Apple device

There isn't an app available for Mac desktops/laptops. If you would like to read Kortext books offline, read these instructions.

Please note that the Kortext app may not be compatible with older devices.

If you are having problems with the Kortext app, please check if your device is compatible here.

You can also contact Kortext directly about app issues on their website.