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Student Success Festival: Home

The Student Success Festival is a holistic grouping of a large array of services within Middlesex University to help students achieve their best!

Welcome to the Student Success Festival!


What is the Student Success Festival?


The Student Success Festival is a series of year round events aimed at connecting you with the various support services offered at Middlesex University. Our goal is to help you feel a part of the Middlesex community, so you understand who you can talk to when you need help or direction. 

Success is not only related to grades (though of course that is important!), but also to the experience of studying, life on campus, mental and physical wellbeing and employment and opportunities beyond the classroom. So, the Student Success Festival focuses on Academic success and also on Career success and Mental Health and Wellbeing.

 Take a look around this website and see all the things we've done in the past, watch some videos from students and from choice YouTube channels, and check out the pages of our team mates!


What kind of things happen?

We want you to enjoy the Student Success Festival!

Yes, we know. Studying and enjoyment don't exactly go hand-in-hand. We get it. It's hard, and expensive, and sometimes downright miserable. And while we can't wave a magic wand and make all the stress and anxiety nonexistent, we can help you deal with it.

Middlesex University is one of the leading university's in the UK for student support. There is so much available to you, and it's all free.

But the problem is, maybe you don't know how to access it. Maybe you don't want to speak to a stranger. Maybe you don't want to admit you need help.

These are all incredibly normal ways to be. But that doesn't change the fact that you're missing out on help that you're entitled to!

So, this is where the Student Success Festival comes in. This isn't your average event. You're not going to be expected to wander around the Quad, looking at desks and picking up leaflets which you'll never read.

Instead, we want you to have free gifts. We want you to play games. We want you to take part in competitions. We want to give you things, like iPads and goody bags and free treats and smoothies. Your only job is to show up, have fun, and take advantage of the freebies on offer. That's it!

Every year, we arrange for all the best support services we can offer to come along and meet you. To get to know you. After all, you're paying a lot of money to study with us, and while we can't say that that money guarantees you a degree (spoilers: it doesn't), we certainly owe it to you to offer you as much help, guidance, and support as we possibly can! 

So come along, see what you think and let us help you achieve every success you can!


We just love giving away prizes!! Whether it's smoothie makers3D virtual experiences or iPads we simply can't get enough of giving things away!

Here is a picture of one of our first competition winners receiving his prize! Jonathan won this iPad for his amazing student advice video, which you can view here! We also had three runners-up who all received Amazon vouchers! You can view all the student advice videos here.


We've had the following employers and bussiness take part in the SSF, all of whom have been there to help you!


Who's involved?

Below are all the teams and guests we've had at previous SSFs. Every year the festival is growing, so look out for even more guests in the future!

  • Middlesex Student Union
  • Student Learning Advisers (SLAs)
  • MDXWorks!
  • The Learning Enhancement Team (LET)
  • Middlesex Library
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Counselling and Mental Health
  • Language and Culture Exchange
  • Erasmus (International Study)
  • Post-graduate Progression & Support
  • Financial Help and Support
  • Companion animals
  • Disability & Dyslexia
  • ...and more!

What's the ethos?

There is method behind the madness, honest!

The Student Success festival is built around the principle ideas of critical learning and engagement. Simply put, numerous studies (see for example Wenger 2010) have shown that students who feel a part of the university tend to be more successful! Why? Because they engage more, they know who's who and where to get help if they need it and - most importantly - they know that they are entitled to that help!

Of course, most of the time you won't need that help. But you're only human and studying and balancing a life and financial commitments is one of the hardest things you'll ever have to do - and one of the most rewarding! But when you do need help, we want you to know not just where to go to get it, but that the people helping you are friendly, kind and real people.

So, you see, our intention with the Student Success Festival isn't to 'sell' you services or shove leaflets into your hands. It's to give you a chance to get to know the people whose job it is to help you succeed. And yes, to give you a load of free stuff, too!