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Open Access

Horizon 2020 Open Access requirement

The Horizon 2020 programme requires all beneficiaries to ensure open access to all “scientific information that is free of charge to the end-user and reusable. 'Scientific' refers to all academic disciplines. In the context of research and innovation, 'scientific information' can mean:

  1. peer-reviewed scientific research articles (published in scholarly journals), or
  2. research data (data underlying publications, curated data and/or raw data).”

What this means in practice? Deposit on acceptance!

Grant beneficiaries are advised to act on acceptance and deposit a machine-readable electronic copy of their research output in a centralised, subject-based or institutional repository such as the Middlesex University Research Repository.

How do I comply with the policy?

The 2 main routes to Open Access are:

  • Green Open Access – the published article or the final peer-reviewed manuscript is deposited in an online repository before, at the same time as, or after publication (permissible embargo periods are within six months of publication or twelve months for publications in the social sciences and humanities).
  • Gold Open Access - an article is immediately published in Open Access mode.

For further information about the Green and Gold routes to Open Access, see How do I make my work Open Access?

See Which version can I make Open Access? for more information on versions.