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Nursing: 2nd Year Nursing

Welcome to the 2nd Year Nursing Pages

These pages are aimed at supporting 2nd year nursing students who are taking the 'Appraising and Using Evidence for Practice' module NIP2204. Students must attend a library session workshop and use the resources on this page to help you with your work in this module.

Starting Your Literature Search

Further Resources

Critical appraisal of the evidence

Critical appraisal is the process of evaluating and interpreting evidence by systematically considering its validity, results and relevance.  The following resources should provide a useful introduction to this process:

Articles about critiquing research:

Ordering your journal article

File:Livre Ouvert 2.jpg

The main purpose of a database such as Medline or CINAHL is to find references to the good quality research evidence.

Sometimes you will be able to access the article straight away or you will able to find a paper copy of the journal in the library.

However sometimes you will need to order the article using the reference you found on the database.

You can order the article through the Inter Library Loans Service for a small charge (£3) Follow the link below for more details.

Referencing your work

It is important to properly reference your work. Cite Them Right will help you reference just about any source, using the Harvard referencing style.

Links for T2N evaluation activity

Summer nursing dissertation literature searching workshops

CINAHL Basic Search

Managing Your Results

Recommended titles