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What is, part of the LinkedIn network, is a website packed full of videos, tutorials and fully-curated courses taught by recognised industry experts. 

As a Middlesex University student or member of staff, you have free access to this valuable resource, with which you can learn new business, software, technology and creative skills to achieve your personal and professional goals.  Use your subscription to this website to develop, supplement and enhance your learning and/or professional career at Middlesex University.

New logging-in procedure

You can access in a number of ways.  The best way is to go to, log-in to myUniHub and follow these steps:

myUniHub > My Study > My Library > Databases > Hendon Databases >

Logging in to myUniHub first will ensure that you are authenticated as a MDX student/staff.

Alternatively, you can click on the direct link below.

New procedure

We have made logging in to easier for staff and students.  Having moved to “single sign-on”, there is now no need to create a separate username and password for your account, instead using your Middlesex University, myUniHub authentication credentials.

You can log-in to myUniHub, follow the usual links to the database (as described above) and you will be taken to a page at which you are asked if you have had an account before or not. 

  • Choosing “I’ve had an account” will prompt you to log-in to your existing account with your username/password, which will then transfer all of your history, settings etc .  You will then not have to enter this this username/password again, instead logging in to myUniHub in the future to access 
  • Alternatively, you can choose “No, I’ve never had an account” and you will be promoted to create a new account.  Again, you will then only have to log-in to myUniHub in the future to access your new profile.

If you have any problems with accessing, then please log a Unihelp ticket or contact Monna Rizvi at introduction

You can watch the video below for an overview of