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Inter Library Loans: Renewals, returns & charges

Renewals and returns

  • If you wish to renew your inter-library loan, please contact us at

  • A further charge of £4.75 for each renewal may be made to undergraduate and taught postgraduate students and the schools of staff who have exceeded their allocation of free requests (see Inter-library Loan Service rules).

  • To return your Inter-Library Loan item, please go to the Sheppard Library and ring our Library Spaces team on 07785 447466.  One of them will be with you in 2-5 minutes. Please wait by the lift on the ground floor. Inter-Library Loans must not be left on desks or placed in the book sorter.

  • If we email you to say that an item has been recalled, please ensure that it is returned by the new date that we give you. 

  • The British Library levies a charge of £163.10 on very late, lost or damaged items. This may be passed on to you.


  • An administrative charge of £3.00, will be made for all inter-library requests received from undergraduate and taught postgraduate students, whatever the nature of the material.

  • N.B This is a subsidized cost, as we are currently charged £13.95 for each book and £10.38 for each article supplied.Items acquired from overseas incur even higher charges. 

  • A further charge of £4.75 may be made to these students for each renewal on an item.

  • The cost for very late, lost or damaged items is currently a minimum of £163.10.   Please take care of inter-library loan materials and ensure that they are returned or renewed on time.