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Box of Broadcasts: More information

Example of the Programme guide in BoB




Cached pages

Some users have reported problems with their saved playlists and clips not being visible when they sign in. To fix this, please try clearing your cache and cookies.

New embed code function

From Monday 24 October, users will be able to embed programmes and clips from the new system in the VLE and presentations.  

URL redirection

BoB programme URLs have now been redirected from the previous system, to match records on the upgraded system.

Content embedded from previous system

From Monday 24 October you’ll be able to play clips and programmes embedded in the VLE from the previous BoB system.

There will, however, be some embedded clips and programmes that will no longer play due to flash compatibility issues. In these instances users will need to find the BoB record itself and replace the embed code. Learning on Screen apologises for any inconvenience this might cause.

More FAQs

How many programmes can I view or request?

You can view any programme that has previously been recorded. These are shown in green in the programme guide, see opposite.

Programmes you can request are shown in blueYou can request 5 programmes in any 24 hour period.  If you exceed your requests you will get a message to say so, but once your 24 hours is up you may request 5 more programmes.

Programmes requested by others will be red until they are available.  Programmes that will be available shortly will be yellow. Once available they will be green.


What is myBoB?

MyBob is your personal area where requested programmes are made available.

You can create playlists to file your programmes in one place.

If you create clips those are kept in MyBob.


Need help?

Click on the link below if you have a question about BoB:

  Ask a Librarian

or come to the StudyHub, 1st floor in the Sheppard Library