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Special Collections: Ephemera

Ephemera Collections

There are two Ephemera Collections:


This consists of  historical and contemporary (mostly) paper ephemera; greeting cards, private view cards, maps, cigarette cards, travel guides, club flers.  It also includes matchbooks, mail-order catalogues such as Argos, Littlewoods, boxes and carrier bags.

Middlesex Ephemera

This collection consists of corporate and student publications produced by the art and design courses at the Hornsey College of Art, Middlesex Polytechnic and more recently Middlesex University. Items iclude prospectuses, diaries, posters, architectural plans for Cat Hill, exhibition catalogues and private view cards.

Ephemera Collection

The Ephemera Collection contains a fascinating array of historical and contemporary (mostly) paper items which would normally be thrown away, such as greeting cards, maps, flyers, private view cards.  It also has matchbooks, mail order catalogues, carrier bags and many other items.

Middlesex Epherema: Categories

A list of categories for the Middlesex Ephemera Collection

Architectural Plans : Cat Hill 
Foundation Shows
Handbooks / Diaries
Miscellaneous Booklets / Leaflets
Miscellaneous Shows and other Publications
Student Show Publicity FASHION 1973 - 1990
Student Show Publicity FASHION 1990 - 
Student Show Publicity Combined Shows
Student Show Publicity FINE ART 1998 –
Student Show Publicity FINE ART
Student Show Publicity INTERIOR / GARDEN DESIGN
Student Show Publicity 3D / APPLIED ARTS
Student Show Publicity TEXTILES 1974 – 1992
Student Show Publicity TEXTILES 1993 –
Student Show Publicity VCD (Graphics, Illustration) 1979 – 1986
Student Show Publicity VCD (Graphics, Illustration) 1987 –
Student Show Publicity VCD (Graphics, Illustration, Photography, animation) 1998 -



Accessing the Ephemera Collections

The Ephemera Collections are stored in boxes and kept in the Materials Room which is located in the Basement of the Sheppard Library, Hendon. The Materials Room is open from 11am to 4pm Monday to Friday during term-time.


Ephemera: Categories

This is a list of the categories in the Ephemera Collection

Catalogues - Argos
Catalogues – Children
Catalogues – Gift
Catalogues – Toys
Greeting Cards
London Transport
Matchbooks + Cigarettes
Paper Ephemera  
Postcards + Cigarette Cards
Private View Cards
Royal Souvenirs
Tart Cards
Sheet Music