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Work Based Learning and Professional Practice: - software training - free online software training is A library of over 40,000 online tutorials and documentaries, covering software such as

  • Photoshop
  • Adobe
  • Microsoft Office including 365
  • SPSS
  • Google Calendar
  • JAVA
  • Final Cut Pro
  • After Effects

Plus expert advice on effective presentations, digital photography, blogs and much more.

The subjects covered include 3D design, animation, audio, business, design, developer, home computing, photography, video, web & interactive design.

A new feature this year is your personal profile.  This allows you to keep a record of all the training you do whilst at Middlesex University so you can then use that record to add to your CV.   You have to create the profile and then use the username and password this creates to access  It only takes a moment or two to do.

In order to help with the intial set up of the profile, we have created a short Powerpoint to explain what you have to do. - how to create your profile