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Work Based Learning and Professional Practice: Accessing e-books

E-books and accessing electronic resources via Summon

First, please follow the instructions for accessing electronic resources via My Library, then follow the intructions shown below:


E-books can be accessed via links in the Library catalogue or the Library Subject Guides (you must log in via myUniHub and use the links in My Study > My Library).

To access the e-book:

>Click on the link for the e-book

>On the screen click on the link for Athens/Athens Authenication Point (e.g. see image below - the location on the screen may vary)

You will now be taken straight through to the e-book.

We purchase e-books from different suppliers - some of which you can read online only (MyiLibrary e-books) and other that you can also download for upto 7 days and read offline (DawsonEra e-books).


  • We recommend using the download option with DawsonEra e-books as the "Read Online" option only permits you to open one PDF page at a time, unless you are using an iPad in which case you can only read online.
  • Please ensure that your PDF viewer is set to Adobe Acrobat Reader. If your pages are displayed as blank then try reloading Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • In order to read DawsonEra books offline, it is necessary to download and open the e-book immediately, whilst you have Internet connection, as DawsonEra e-books need to connect to the Internet the first time the book is opened. After this you will be able to access the e-book offline for upto 7 days. You can download DawsonEra e-books as many time as you like.

e-books via Summon

When searching for electronic resources on Summon, it may not initially take you straight through to the electronic resource. Should this happen:

>Click on the link of the resource you want to open

>On the screen, look for a link to Athens/Athens Authenication Point (the location on the screen may vary)

You will now be taken straight through to the e-journal.