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New Academic Staff: New RefWorks help

New to RefWorks?

If you are a brand new RefWorks user and want to use new RefWorks, follow these instructions below.  However, if you are already using legacy RefWorks and thinking of moving, read the instructions in the box below carefully.  

Happy to sign up to new RefWorks?

To set up a new RefWorks account go to sign up.

  • Use your Middlesex email address.
  • When you leave Middlesex you can switch to a limited free account.  Change your email address in your account settings.

For help using new RefWorks, go to:

To link RefWorks to Word, please follow the instructions in the Integration with Word section on this page.

New RefWorks logo

Migrating from legacy to new RefWorks

Additional functionality is being added to New RefWorks to replicate the tools available in legacy RefWorks.  This should be completed by the end of 2018. We expect to be required move customers using legacy RefWorks to new RefWorks in summer 2019. 

Google docs addin for RefWorks

If you use Google Docs for writing you can get an add in which will integrate with RefWorks.

Introduction to RefWorks

Integration with Word

To integrate new RefWorks with Word you need either RefWorks Citation Manager or Write N Cite.   Follow the links below to find out more and for instructions on how to install on your own computer.  Write N Cite has been installed (summer 2017) on Middlesex University student PCs.  

Full instructions are on the Proquest New RefWorks Libguide.  As of 14th September 2017 these compatibility instructions apply


If you are using a Windows 10 PC with Word 2016 use Refworks Citation Manager.  Do this:

  • Open Word 2016.
  • Go to the Insert tab
  • Open the Store
  • Search for Refworks
  • Install RefWorks Citation Manager:
  • Log in the first time you do this.
  • This video shows you how to do this: 

For computers running older versions of Word, see the table below. 


For Macs running the latest operating system 10.12 Sierra with Word 2016, then you need to get RefWorks Citation Manager:

  • Open Word 2016 on the Mac
  • Choose Insert tab and then Store
  • Search for and install RefWorks Citation manager.
  • Log into RefWorks the first time you use it.
  • This video shows you how to do this: 

Macs with older versions of Word should follow these instructions:

Migrating to new RefWorks