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PG Cert Learning and Supporting Teaching in Higher Education: Books and E-Books

Books and E-Books

The library contains a vast collection of books and e-books on a wide range of subjects. Books can be borrowed directly from any of our libraries or, if you are a distance learner, you can request the book/book chapter be sent to you if you are a Distance Learner.

An e-book is a digital version of a printed book that is viewed online. When searching for a book in the Library Catalogue the e-book will be indicated as  [electronic resource].  Or you can use the Summon e-book search in the box to the right on this page.

In order to access e-books online,  you need to sign into MyUniHub and follow these links: UniHub > MyUniHub > My Study  > My Library > e-books.  Or via the Library catalogue, or your reading list.

Borrowing entitlements

Postgraduate students can borrow 14 items from the Library collections: Short Loan, 7 day, and 28  day.

Students using the Postal Delivery Service provided by the Distant Learning Support, can borrow 28 and 14 day loan items, but are usually not able to borrow 7 day loan material.  

Requesting material

In order to request material which is on loan or held in other Middlesex Libraries, use the 'Request' function on the Library catalogue. A helpsheet is available below.

In order to request material from Middlesex University, complete a book request form and send to the Web Helpdesk.

Some material may not be available from the Library. In which case, we will request the material from the British Library Document Supply Centre on your behalf. Books received from the British Library cannot be posted to your home, but we will send you the table of contents, and then photocopy the required chapter. Please complete a book chapter request form.

Shelf numbers for education

 The following book shelf numbers will help you to browse the books shelves for specific subject areas:

  Education  Shelf Number
 Education Theory                                                                                             370.1
  Ethnic Minorities  370.117
  Teaching Practice  370.7
  Research  370.7
  School Management  371.207
  Assessment/Testing/Evaluation                                                       371.26
  Teaching Methods  371.3
  Discipline  371.5
  Special Needs  371.9
  Primary Education  372.19
  Early Years  372.21
  Inclusion  371.9046
  Literacy  372.6
  Secondary Education  373.12
  Guidance  373.14
  Adult Education  374.941
  Curricula  375
  Higher Education  378
  Government/Policy Issues  379.151
  Science Teaching  507.12
  Numeracy  510.71
  Other Useful Shelf Numbers .
  Child Psychology  155
  Child Development  155.4
  Social Welfare  362
  Law  340 - 349