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Interior Architecture and Interior Design: Projects

IAD2101 Night City

IAD2101 Night City & Interior worlds


Auge, M  Non-places   302.5 AUG

Broakes, V   You say you want a revolution? Records and rebels 1966-1970 (V&A Ex Cat)

306.094109046 YOU

Broto, C  Urban spaces   711.55 BRO

Danzhi, W The charming night 747.8586 WEN

Erell, E   Urban microclimate : designing the spaces between buildings. 720.47 ERE

Ford, L  Spaces between buildings 711.4 FOR

Franck, K Loose space : possibility and diversity in urban life 307.76 LOO

Garrett, B  Explore everything – place hacking the city 910.4

Garrett, B London rising : illicit photos from the city's heights 779.40922 GAR

Garrett, B Subterranean London : cracking the capital     914.21048612 GAR

Gehl,J  Life between buildings 711.55 GEH

Gieseking, J People place and space reader 304.2 PEO

Howard, Rachel Secret London : unusual bars & restaurants. 647.95421 HOW

Leccese, M   The Elements of blogging 302.2314 LEC

Manaugh, G  A  Burglars guide to the city 364.1 MAN

Below ground level : creating new spaces for contemporary architecture / Ernst von Meijenfeldt, Marit Geluk et al. 720.473 BEL

Minguet, J   Multidisciplinary spaces : architectural complexes 720.49 MUL

Museum of London 708.21 MUS

Night Fever 2 Hospitality Design 747.8571 NIG

Petschek, P Constructing shadows 7122 CON

Sandhu, S Night haunts 914.210486 SAN

Shaftoe, H   Convivial urban spaces : creating effective public places 711.4 SHA

Taylor, M Caves 796.525 TAY

Uffelen, C   Urban spaces : plazas, squares & streetscapes   711.55 UFF

Uffelen, C   Pedestrian zones : car free urban spaces 711.55 UFF

Weng, D     The charming night 747.8586 WEN

Wolfrum, S  Performative urbanism 711.4 PER

White, C     Bloggers boot camp 006.752 WHI