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Fashion and Textiles: Finding Books


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This page will help you find useful books for fashion and  textiles in the Sheppard Library .

Always check the location of the book you find on Library Search. Although most art and design books are shelved in the Basement, some related subjects may also be found on other floors in the Sheppard Library.

Finding Craft Books


 669  Metallurgy
 671.2  Metalwork
 680  Craftsmanship
 680.68  Running a workshop
 682  Blacksmithing
 736.982  Origami
 738.4  Enamels
 738.5  Mosaic
 739  Art metalwork/jewellery
 739.14  Metalwork techniques
 739.15  Decorative treatments
 739.2  Work in precious metals
 739.27  Jewellery
 739.270942  British jewellery
 739.270943  German jewellery
 739.270944  French jewellery
 739.2709492  Dutch jewellery
 739.2709494  Swiss jewellery
 739.270952  Japanese jewellery
 739.270973  US jewellery
 739.274  Jewellery making techniques
 739.278  Types of jewellery (eg rings)
 739.3  Clocks & watches
 739.4  Ironwork
 739.7  Armour
 745  Decorative Arts
 745.09  Crafts in various countries
 745.2  Industrial art & design
 745.209  Design by country
 745.20941  British design
 745.4  Applied design & decoration
 745.409  History of design
 745.5  Handicrafts
 745.54  Papercrafts
 745.56  Handicrafts: metals
 745.58  Handicrafts: beads etc
 745.5942  Costume jewellery
 745.7  Decorative colouring
 746.5  Bead embroidery
 748  Glass

Library Search

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Library Search

eTextbooks: KORTEXT

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We provide one free personal eTextbook for each module you study. Each eTextbook provided by the scheme is based on a recommendation made by your lecturers, or the main book identified on your reading lists. No need to worry about buying the book or library loans: the books are free and yours to keep.

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In a few cases, where we are unable to provide an eTextbook we have provided a print copy of the book available for you to keep. Check your emails for information about this, you will be asked to supply your home address to receive the book. If you have any problems with this:

Finding Fashion and Textiles Books

 331.7687  Clothing manufacturing
 338.4768  Textile industries
 646.2  Sewing
 646.404  Pattern cutting
 646.7  Beauty
 646.724  Hairdressing
 659.152  Modelling
 667.2  Dyes & dyeing
 676.2  Papermaking
 677  Textile fibres
 687  Clothing technology
 741.672  Fashion illustration
 745.4  Design and pattern
 745.5  Crafts
 745.54  Paper crafts
 745.582  Beadwork
 745.5942  Costume jewellery
 746  Textiles
 746.14  Weaving
 746.22  Lace making
 746.39  Tapestry
 746.92  Fashion
 746.9204355  Military costume/uniforms
 746.920688  Fashion marketing
 746.92088  Religious dress
 746.9209  Historical costume
 746.920904  20th century fashion
 746.92092  Fashion designers
 746.92109  Men's fashion
 746.9241209  Gloves
 746.9241309  Shoes
 746.924309  Hats
 746.9244  Accessories
 746.92509  Hairstyles
 746.9265  Body decoration/tattooing